Cute & Creepy Craft Boxes!



Rachel Neave

So me being me, I picked up another craft idea for this summer!

By assembling simple balsa wood boxes, and painting with Craftsmart acrylic paints, you can get a wide variety of neat designs!

Here are two designs I plan on replicating and selling this summer in craft and zine fairs!

Besides Craftsmart paint, I also used Krylon Matte & Gloss spray paint to achieve the look on the box on the left.

I have a few more designs in process, with more of a marbling effect to them. Fingers crossed they come out okay :)

Trying something new: Polymer Cakes


In the midst of December, I don’t know about you guys, but that’s when I’m usually scrambling to put together my last minute Christmas gifts. Now I’m not talking about the major gifts to significant others or family, but those small gifts you feel obligated to give to coworkers and acquaintances, cause you would just feel like a jerk if you didn’t.

Well I was totally broke this year and decided to do a total DIY gift, but it came out so cute that I had to share! I had bought a large package of Polymer Scupley II clay, and spent the next two weeks molding and constructing about 30 cakes and desserts key chains, that were about 3x3” in size.

The hardest part was molding the cakes, but I quickly found solutions like using a plastic knife to evenly cut corners, and using simple shapes as cake decorations. After molding them to the perfect size, and making sure to leave a hole to attach a keychain, I laid them out on a thick (!!!) board of wood, and placed them into my oven for baking. Due to the size of my clay cakes, they finished baking in about 10 –15 minutes. However, the super toxic smelling fumes from baking polymer clay will last an hour or so.

After baking, the polymer clay transforms to a very durable plastic-like material, It’s great for key chains and small tokens, and I would totally recommend Polymer Scupley II clay for it’s great quality. You can buy this clay in a variety of colors and even textures, but for my tiny cakes I decided to paint mine afterwards using Craft Smart Multipurpose Satin paint.

And there you have it! Although it was a huge amount of time and effort on my part to make and paint these little key chains, they came out SO CUTE, and it was even fun to personalize based on who I was giving them too. Best part is, I probably spent about $15 to make all 30 of those cakes, with supplies leftover. So if you’re ever pinching pennies for gift ideas, never underestimate a good DIY project!